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Highest Quality and Lowest Prices on Deer Processing in Williamsville, NY

When the hunt is over, let the feasting begin!

Now that you've bagged your deer, elk, moose, bear, or other wild game, it's time to prepare the meat so you and your family can enjoy the great eating that follows a successful hunt. For over 25 years, western New York hunters have trusted the professional meat cutters at the Buck and Doe Shop in Williamsville to process their kill.

On-Premises Taxidermist to Prepare Your Trophy

Buck and Doe makes it easy for you to have your deer processed and your trophy mounted at the same time, in one convenient location, thanks to our resident taxidermy services. Whether it's a Boone and Crockett record or just a dandy looking rack for the man cave, our taxidermist will mount it to your specifications for you to admire and recall those special memories of the hunt whenever you gaze on it. We also tan hides — visit our Services page for more information.

Your Meat — From Your Game — Guaranteed!

With some wild game processors, it's anyone's guess whose meat you're getting when you return to pick up your cuts. That's not the case at Buck and Doe: We guarantee you'll receive the meat from your kill, and none other. Your deer is kept refrigerated prior to processing to ensure freshness, and handled with care from skinning to cutting. We'll deliver hand-cut steaks, sausage, ground meat...you name it. All cuts are vacuum packed in 3 mil freezer bags — a $30 value — at no extra charge.

Buck and Doe Shop's Exclusive Smoked Products

Our meat processors are skilled at producing some of the tastiest jerky, summer sausage, and hot dogs you've ever eaten. We also make Italian sausage, Polish sausage, and breakfast sausage. Is your mouth watering yet?

The Buck and Doe Shop cares about our community. Hey, we live here, too — why wouldn't we? With those among us who are less fortunate in mind, we offer a free deer drop-off service with the meat being donated to the Food Bank of WNY. Be sure to visit us if you have any questions, either before or after your hunt. Or call us today at (716) 565-2108!

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